Tips to Help You Memorize Music

Being able to memorize music is a skill although it is not vital in your performance. Memorising help gives you chance to concentrate on other parts of your performance.

Tips to help memorize music use these tips:

  1. Repeat small patterns regularly approximately 10 bars at a time, known as chunks. This helps commit the whole piece gradually to memory. It is easier to break down parts and memorise them that to tackle the piece head on.
  2. By repeating the chunks will cement them to memory with repetition and practice.
  3. Join the bars together.
  4. Visualise and play the music away from your instrument. Take regular breaks and return to the chunk that you were practicing and repeat it again.
  5. Read the music like a book.
  6. Singing the piece helps your memory remember what the intervals between the notes sound like.
  7. Play the chunks randomly. How about starting at the end of the page, playing the beginning then the middle. If you are able to play the bars in a different order than written, it will strengthen the memory of the chunks.
  8. Close your eyes. Try playing the piece or chunks with your eyes closed. If you are able to accomplish this then you have pretty much committed the piece to memory. Your memory will automatically play the piece, will be able to judge distances your hands and fingers have to travel to play notes.

After many hours of practice you will be surprised at how much you have memorized a piece. Often, you end up memorizing a piece just through constant and good practice.