7 Tips For Submitting A Demo To A Record Label Or Company

Today I want to share with you the essential 7 tips for submitting a demo to a record label or company. Always keep in mind that record labels receive a lot of demos every day, and they don’t have time to carefully go through each and every song, so yours has to be different. So the question you might be asking is “how do I become different from the rest”?

Then you need to check out these 7 tips for submitting a demo, these will help you make a good impression on your targeted record label or company.

Tip #1

Before you send your demo make it a point that your music sounds fresh, and most of all, it is ORIGINAL. Where or to whom should you send your demo? Do a lot of research before submitting your music, make sure that you and your music will be a good fit to the targeted label. Go to record companies that compliment your music.

Tip #2

How are you going to submit your demo? Are you going to send it using email, drop box, direct posting or through the A&R reps etc. Contact them to find more detailed info about how or where can you submit your demo.

Tip #3

Include a cover letter (or profile) that explains who you are, what do you want, what can you offer, how long have you been doing it and include what the person listening to your demo should do after they listen to it. Do not oversell yourself just state facts only and some impressive concrete experience. Also mention something you found on their website (or from the A&R reps) in your cover letter, they will like the fact that you did your research first before sending your music.

Tip #4

This may sound obvious but a lot of people miss it, include your contact info. When you are writing your contact information include your phone number, Skype or MSN I.D, these are more personal than an email. I’m not saying don’t include your email address.

Tip #5

Get a good looking design for your cover, even if you are sending it using an email include a good looking cover. This will help you look professional and separate you from the rest. Your music must sound the same or nearly the same as the material released by the label (in terms of sound quality). Paying for a mastering job will add value to your demo, the trick here is to use their in-house mastering engineer and include on your cover that it was mastered by maybe John from ‘X Records’. The quality will definitely do the trick.

Tip #6

You must only send three tracks not less or more and your strongest track must be the first one. Make the intro of your songs catchy and vibrant, don’t make them wait for the hook (put it in the intro), you can change the arrangement later. You only have 16 seconds to make a good impression. Choose great titles for your songs and the project, something that relates to the music you make. For instance, I know a group called Hood Natives they produce House Music, but in my opinion Hood Natives would be a good name for Hip-Hop, I’m not crushing anyone just trying to make my point clear.

Tip #7

By using tip 7 you will stand a better chance of getting signed, but only if your music is good:D. Arrange a meeting with the record label rather than just sending, uploading or emailing your music. This is far better because you will be making a memorable impression and whoever that will take your demo will make quality time to listen to your songs. A face to face professional presentation is far better than anything I have mentioned above.