5 Tips for Beginning Your Music Career

  • Below are some tips to get your music off the ground if you are just starting out or maybe you’ve been failing to make any good progress, though your music is actually sounding pretty good.
  • Invest in Yourself
    Sure, you may say, I’m just starting out and I can get by with some buggy pirated software, but no matter what profession you are choosing, be it producer, singer rapper or whatever else, investing in yourself is a must. This self-investment may be purchasing LEGAL software if you’re a producer or even just buying good quality beats and mixing services if you are a rapper or vocalist. You’ll find that you may begin taking yourself even more seriously and working even harder as you will have a stake in what you’re doing.
  1. Seek Advice From Those Already in the Game
    Don’t try and re-invent the wheel or become an island and isolate yourself in your own little world. Get help and advice from more knowledgeable people that went through what you are going through now. Use the resources at your disposal to acquire this knowledge such as the Stereo Evolution blogs and forums. One problem newbies have is that they often think they can make it to the top all on their own…maybe they can…but very slowly. By seeking guidance from other people you can avoid the mistakes they did and they can point out where you’re going wrong with your music and help you fix up any problem areas.
  2. Read Your Instruction Manuals
    This tip probably applies more to the producers, but it can also apply to self-recording vocalists as you’ll want to know how to get the most out of your recording before sending it off to your producer. By reading your manuals, you may find that you may actually work faster in your DAW as you discover new methods of working and you may also learn new tips and tricks that will help you further your sound.
  3. Practice and Develop your Art
    Practice makes perfect. Don’t be afraid to just make a beat and stop halfway only to never return to it again. Or just write thousands of pages of lyrics that will never see the light of day. Even singing songs outside of your genre and comfort zone is a must to really developing your musical abilities. When starting out and you’re getting moderately good, one easy mistake to make is your loss for the need of practicing your craft as you’ll likely on make a beat or record a song when someone asks you to. However, this is the worst thing you can do as the more you work on your music the more you are likely to succeed. Never stop trying to discover new things in your music be they singing in different styles and tones or making dubstep beats though your focus is hip-hop. You’ll find that you’ll discover elements that you can then use in your own music that’ll make it sound original which then brings us to the final point of this series…
  4. Be Original
    Don’t try and be the next Timbaland. Why?…because Timbaland is already there. Why not instead blend in a little Timbaland with a little bit Swizz beats and your own swag to come up with your own sound!? Originality sells. Don’t be afraid to take your music new and unexplored avenues. Just be careful how far you take it from reality as you probably still want people to relate to it. No one wants to listen to a copycat artist. So make sure when you right your lyrics they resonate from within and give us a glimpse of you, or when you make your tracks producers, give us that little extra something else that’s just different and memorable – in a good way of course.