3 Tips for Making Your Music Famous on the Internet

So you need some tips to help boost your music career, then keep reading to learn a few tips to help you reach your goal on becoming famous online. You already know you have hot music, and you already know that you could be smashing a lot of music artists out there. You must get your music noticed, acknowledged so to speak. OK well then you know you have to have a determined type of mindset in order to even pursue a goal like this. So then you need to ask yourself, Am I ready for this? Can I keep my fans updated on new material. Can I reach my fans hearts, and connect to them through my music? If you answered yes to these questions then you should read further.

1) You must have a healthy marketing plan, this is very important because you can have the hottest music in the game, but if your campaign is not marketed correctly then you won’t reach the type of fan base buzz you’re looking for. You must never stop updating your content, never stop marketing. Always learn new information, and then apply your knowledge to your music career.

2) You must be transparent, suggestions would be to video blog, or make videos on YouTube, etc. This is also effective by using social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, or any other social networks where music fans would hang out. Try rap battle forums, CD Baby, iTunes, any where that you can find out about where your type of fan base would be on the internet. You can order business cards and do it locally, build an email list of prospect fans and clients.

3) You must have quality material, songs that inspire people to want to listen to you. You almost have to make your fans feel like you know exactly where they are coming from. You have to make them your friend. Send out pm messages and just chop it up some people for about an hour a day, or more. I’m just saying you must keep that spark between you and your fans to keep them coming back to you and listening to your music. Makes sense doesn’t it? How do you feel about your favorite artists? Ya know you have to put yourself in the fans shoes and say hey OK this is what I would expect from an artist. So then you should serve your fans as you would want to be served.